About Michaela Bell 


My name is Michaela and I am Certified Personal Trainer & Macro nutrition coach. I grew up in the dance industry and competed throughout my high school career. Once I graduated, I became a professional dancer and found a passion for living out a healthy, active lifestyle. 

I struggled with a binge and restrict eating disorder in my past and have overcome it finding balance and moderation in food without extreme dieting or food restrictions. Helping others develop a healthy relationship with food as well as coaching clients through weight training and exercise has been so fulfilling and rewarding as a coach. 

I enjoy educating myself on the latest training and nutrition for our bodies. The body is such incredible machine and you can always learn more about it. I love being in the kitchen a making healthy recipes with the occasional frozen yogurt nights. 

My husband Brantley and I met in high school. After a short 9 months of dating, I was hired by Disneyland and moved to California to pursue my career as a dancer. Since then, I have also had the opportunity to work in front of the camera with one of my features being on the television show GLEE. Brantley finished his senior year of high school and soon went to college in Mississippi then transferred to Florida to play baseball. Throughout the first four years of dating, three were spent long distance. We passed our time apart with countless Skype dates and the occasional surprise weekend visit every few months. In 2014, we got engaged on a Christmas vacation in Australia. 

That next summer Brantley was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds and has been playing professionally ever since. We tied the knot November 2015 and made Southern California our home. For the time being, I am traveling back and forth during the baseball season to visit as we grind through the minor leagues. Although our marriage may seem hectic at times, we are both extremely passionate about each other’s dreams as much as our own which keeps us going. We just celebrated our third anniversary and are LOVING every bit of this journey in life!

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